In the Can

Congrats to Gary Griffin on completing principle photography on his first feature "Listopad"!!!
The only way to get rid of old posts is to start posting something new. Thus, this blog exists to as a limbo blog until a new blog is posted and so on and so forth. So there it is.


I know, I know. It's been a long time. A very long time in fact. Unfortunately, with all that's been going on, the Blog/Website is the creature that suffers the most.

The big news is that we've finally got enough work this year to take things to the next level. That's why we are now FORCED DETOUR FILMS LLC!!! As such, we are looking to expand our reach. If you have a HD project in mind, a commercial, a web-short, or corporate identity pieces, we can work with you and your budget. Just drop us a line and we'll jump right on it.

Regardless, glad you've stopped by and we'll back soon - I promise!

Jon Adelman


Breaking News!!!

Listopad writer/director Gary Griffin is in Prague meeting - meeting - meeting, but reports that Academy Award Winner Barbara Koppel has agreed to co-direct a documentary to be shot during his recreation of the student demonstrations in the streets of Prague on November 17, 1989.  Koppel will helm a run-n-gun documentary crew tracing the events of that day through the memories of Listopad crew and cast who participated in the actual events.  Stylistically, it will emulate the look and feel of Truffaut's Day for Night.  Content-wise, Barabara will compare the "official record" with the record of memory.



Mitzvah'd is a planned documentary following filmmaker Jon Adelman as he undergoes this Jewish right of passage. Finally, a man at age 38! Wait. What? 

It's a humorous journey through one man's search for that missing je ne sais quois, but a serious look at the role and import of spirituality in our adult lives. As Adelman uncovers his true thoughts and feelings on religion, he will test his belief system to see how it holds up in the face of the Torah.

The road ahead...

Things have been humming along so quickly lately, it seems well past time for Forced Detour to break its blogging silence and join the fray. We are filmmakers. We are documentarians. We are (we think) artists with a understanding of the realities of our trade. We are (we hope) socially conscious in all of our pursuits, wherever they may take us.

Join us as we try and bring you the best stories we can. Discover the characters we meet along the way. Laugh at us, with us, and near us. Celebrate
Forced Detour Films is a Washington D.C.-based film and video production company.  Built to be both cutting edge and socially conscious, Forced Detour Films specializes in all of your production needs from development and pre-production to post-production and network delivery.  We leverage our connections to the best of our ability to ensure the highest quality final product no matter the size of the task at hand.  The types of projects we are currently involved in include:

- Show Concept Development
- Documentary Funding for targeted projects
- Corporate Video Production
- Educational Video for the Web
- Webinars/Twebinars 
- Internet Video
- Video and Web-based PR and Marketing

For more information email us at FORCEDETOUR@GMAIL.COM